Skirmish grade CEDA for USA & Europe. Pre-order now.
For Europe: [email protected] – For USA: [email protected]

Alpha RT

The Alpha RT Kit is a complete drop in kit that is developed to enhance the performance of your CEDA with half-length foam darts.

Alpha LS

The Alpha LS is a full, scalable, internal upgrade kit in a box for xZEUS2 and Longshot.

Omega Ls

OMEGA LS is a full CNC aluminum and composite internals kit for advanced users to get the most out of your blasters. Pre-order now!


Designed for quick assembly and easy strip down, Ceda is the world’s first modular blaster and a revolution in blaster assembly.

XZeus 2

The xZeus 2 kit is a custom Foam Dart Blaster Shell DESIGNED BY professional dart blaster modders FOR professional dart blaster modders.

Why Buy From Us


We combine enhanced quality and exceptional performance with affordability so you get the best all-around foam dart blasting experience.


We use the highest quality materials to ensure the durability and long life of our products, even under the constant strain of battle.


To get better performance from blasters, we design our products completely in house from the ground up using a team of engineers who are modders and enthusiasts just like yourself.

Alpha brings performance and versatility to your blaster.

Increase your dart capacity with the Katana clip system.

The Omni kit for Alpha to fire full-length darts.

Build Customize Play

Build Customize Play

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Foam Dart Blasters?

Foam Dart Blasters are Toy Blasters that propel soft foam bodied darts, similar to that of Nerf guns. Designed for safe and fun games, Jet Blaster’s foam dart blasters ensures you’ll have a blasting good time for all ages.

Nerf mods and Nerf wars are common terminologies used for blaster modifications and blaster games in the foam dart blasters community. At Jet Blasters, we’re players too.

What Are Some Ways I Can Improve On The Performance Of My Foam Dart Blaster Or Modded Nerf Guns?

Jet Blaster’s Omni LS,  Alpha LS, Omega LS kits are various drop-in kits that cater to improve the performance of the Nerf longshot or Jet Blaster’s Xzeus 2 shell. Other Jet Blaster products like the Katana magazine clips and Zro barrel attachment help aid in improving your gameplay.

I Am Facing Some Priming Issues After Installing Jet Blaster’s Kits To My Nerf Guns, How Do I Resolve This?

Sometimes the issue lies with misalignments whole installing the internal kits. Jet Blaster’s Youtube Channel has a library of comprehensive tutorials that will guide you step by step in installing your internal kits. Also, do follow the recommended standard for each product.

I Received A Lemon Product, How Do I Go About This Issue?

Our Customer exchange policy will only apply to lemon products upon the customer’s immediate enquiry after reception of the product. This enquiry should be paired with a video identifying the flaw so our tech support can verify it.  We do not accept exchange request of products that have been used or received after 14 working days.