Alpha LS

A full, scalable, internals upgrade kit in a box! Alpha brings a range of upgrades for the foam dart blaster enthusiast who desires improved performance and versatility on the battlefield. Alpha’s enhancements to blaster internals include an upgraded plunger rod with Speedseal technology to further enhance your blaster’s spring mechanism and deliver enhanced power.


Alpha RT

The Alpha RT Kit is a complete drop in kit that is developed to enhance the performance of your CEDA with half-length foam darts.

CEDA S Spare Parts

Designed for quick assembly and easy strip down, Ceda is the World’s 1st modular blaster and a revolution in blaster assembly. Its quick-release shell is held together only 2 pins and allows for easy customization. The breech-load, pump-action blaster will give you an edge over your competition with an enhanced plunger tube that delivers enhanced performance. The blaster also features a removeable stock and shotgun grip and integrated picatinny rails.

Omega LS

Durability and reliability even in furious Nerf wars

Omega is built for perfection using the highest quality, precision-machined Computer Numeric Control (CNC) aluminum that will improve modded and stock foam dart blasters. It’s parts come in a beautiful anodized aluminum finish that keeps them free from corrosion, provides a hard and mostly scratch-resistant surface, and in a beautiful color tint – champagne gold or rose gold. The OMEGA LS kit is the ultimate xZeus 2 and Nerf Longshot internals modding kit. We’ve been meticulous about enhancements so that performance is not compromised while improving on strength, durability and reliability.


The Omni kit is the long awaited full length expansion for the Alpha kit that allows use of standard streamline length darts and magazines (72mm). In addition to being able to fire streamlines, the Omni kit can also still fire Stefan darts sufficiently. The omni kit also includes a specially tuned 12kg spring and a special barrel that makes feeding streamline darts a breeze.

xZeus 2

The xZeus 2 shell is engineered for Comfort and Durability!

Built with Tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic to Withstand Rough Actions. Compatible with Jet’s Alpha Kit Internals, Aftermarket Parts, and Longshot Internals.


Take your shooting to the next level with the Zro barrel attachment!

Zro uses a rifled inner barrel that imparts a spin on your darts when fired, improving aerodynamic stability and accuracy, especially when firing with higher spring load.